I ask that all FKP clients do their utmost to protect our team from COVID-19.
For current restrictions and regulations please visit  NSW HEALTH
I will only continue scheduled shoots with the following safety measures in mind:
Upon Entering: Clients & Guests must wear a mask while indoors & sanitise or wash their hands UPON ENTERING. Felicity Kelly Photography provides hand sanitiser. A mask will be provided if needed, but you are encouraged to please bring one from home as supplies are limited. Each client will need to also checkin to the NSW Service app.
Max Capacity: To optimally allow for proper distancing, there is a max capacity of 4 people in my studio.  For my clients who are minors, you can be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian but I ask that no additional people come in order to keep risk levels down.
Travel: Any clients who have traveled out of state or by aeroplane, will need to reschedule their shoot until 14 days after you arrive home AND are free of symptoms. You must inform the studio if you have been to an area classified as a hotspot.
High-Risk Behaviour: Any clients who are engaged in what FKP deems as high-risk behaviour (ie: attending an unmasked indoor gathering with more than 3 households, attending conferences, traveling out of state or by plane) will be asked to wait at least 14 days after the high-risk event AND be symptom free to have their photo shoot.
If you have symptoms: If you or anyone you reside with are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, I ask that you reschedule immediately and I will be able to accommodate a reschedule as soon as possible.
Exposure: If you have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, whether or not you have symptoms, rescheduling will be necessary until you test negative, and wait 14 days after contact.
FKP Team Members: All team members wear masks at all times while inside the studio. Outdoors, all team members will wear masks when they are within 1.5 metres of the client.
During Your Photoshoot: The team and all guests NOT being photographed will be required to wear a mask indoors. The client(s) being photographed will not be required to wear a mask after makeup application. Guests accompanying the client will be required to wear a mask outdoors and remain 1.5 metres away from others.
Large Gatherings: If you are attending a large gathering outside of your immediate household, we will need to reschedule your shoot no sooner than 14 days after you return home.
These measures are based on NSW Government guidelines to not only protect myself and my family but also my hair and makeup collaborators, my amazing clients, and the community.
Thank you for your cooperation during this time.